The Ada Developers Academy Jump Start program, which is intended for anyone who is interested in beginning their journey into coding.

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Lesson Videos
Lesson 01: Hello, World! Intro to Colab
Lesson 02: Programming Grammar Exercise: Numbers Problem
  Debugging Syntax Errors
Lesson 03: Branching Exercise: Conditionals Syntax
  Practice Problem 1: Diagrams to Code
  Rock, Paper, Scissors - v1
Lesson 04: Hello, World! Function Practice Problems
  Rock, Paper, Scissors - v2
Lesson 05: Loops Practice Problem: Totaling Even Numbers
  Rock, Paper, Scissors - v3
Lesson 06: Lists Exercise: Looping over Veggies List
  Account Generator - v1
Lesson 07: Dictionaries Exercise: Creating a Dictionary
  Exercise: Printing out a Dictionary
  Account Generator - v2